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Dulcinea never knew who she was

Posted 12 June, 2010 By Pxl

Won’t you be my Sancho Panza?

I don’t want to go out.

Posted 5 June, 2010 By Pxl

But what if I miss out?

Meta stories are barely even stories.

Posted 9 May, 2010 By Pxl

Never meta story I didn’t like.

My subject lines are six words

Posted 9 May, 2010 By Pxl

“AIDS test results have returned.  Uh-oh.”

Loved the me I couldn’t be.

Posted 2 May, 2010 By Pxl

So did she.  So did she.

I just can’t stand awkward scenes

Posted 25 April, 2010 By Pxl

I enjoy making enemies weiner cousins.

Elizabeth: “Are you doing any work?”

Posted 17 April, 2010 By Pxl

“…Can’t you say one more word?”

I must already be a timetraveller.

Posted 11 April, 2010 By Pxl

My life is constantly in pre-paradox.

People are shaped by their experiences

Posted 4 April, 2010 By Pxl

“Why do you cry around plaid?”

Just when things were looking better…

Posted 2 April, 2010 By A. Scott White

…God got laid off last week.