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Explaining bullets

Posted 6 February, 2010 By Pxl
  • When I was in high school and college,
    I used to write stories in bullet form.
  • The story goes like this:
    I used to write brilliant prose and not-so-brilliant lists.
  • People would only read my dim lists and skim my bright prose.
  • So I tried to think of a way to trick people into reading prose without realizing that
    that was what they were doing.
  • Suddenly, it occurred to me that there was a feature I never seemed to use in Word: bullets.
  • There’s very nearly no place for bulleted lists in humorous or even fictional writing.
  • Think about it.
  • So why couldn’t I co-opt it to serve my own nefarious purposes?
  • And co-opt it I did.  I would write silly stories with no aim in mind,
    but once I put them into the format of “Bullets”
  • people would be drawn to them, thinking they were a quick read.
  • and the people would stay because they were at least an interesting read.
  • The bullets were brilliant!
  • They even made me seem less dim.


Posted 1 December, 2009 By AlphaSteve

Why does the fantasy section in the book shop never contain any novels about playboy models bathing me? It seems like false advertising to me.

Why do some people who use phonetical-equivilancy-letter-word substitution (E.G. y = why) then go on to use punctuation? If the purpose is to save time, hunting for the semi-colon surely takes just as long.

Why, if commiting a felony makes you a felon, does commiting adultary not make you an adultar? And what is an adultar? It sounds like ‘adulting’ someone would be a fun verb.

Why are the seven dwarfs named after descriptions? Either they’re fugitives on the run using alibis, or their parents had remarkable powers of foresight.