An Alliterative attempt

Another age, another area, another animal, authored as ‘Anita’. Anita avoided all, afraid an aspect able accidentally annihilating Anita. An accent… an accent approaches. Await approach, Anita, abide. Augur alert, alarmed!

“Argh!” Anita agonisingly aired as an attacker ate an arm, “Zombies!” Anita alarmed as antagonists assaulted!

… Wait, ‘Zombies’. Crap. Should’ve said ‘Ambulatory, apathetic asleep’ or something.

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Author: AlphaSteve (10 Articles)

If you spot spelling errors, half of them are because I’m Australian, the other half are because we spell differently.

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  1. Comment by Pxl:

    Awesome attempt, Alpha! Awe-inspiring approach. Ahhh.